3 Ways to Have “New” Clothes without Spending Money.

Hey, friends!
So anyone who follows my Instagram knows that I love clothes.

However… I am 23 and still have a little bit of student loans left and cannot afford to spend lots of money on certain items. Oh wait, that just makes me and everybody else on this planet normal. I have a limited budget each month and while I love shopping at places like Nordstrom and Loft, the clearance rack at Target is my jam.

I think one of the biggest struggles with blogs and following bloggers on certain channels of social media is the comparison game of what other people have. It can be really challenging for me at times to look at what bloggers have and not go and spend extra money on new items that I probably already have in my closet. However, if I take an extra minute before hitting “place order”, I can usually think of how I can recreate a look with similar items I have owned and loved for years. When I purchase clothes, I think of versatility and how long I can wear them for (none of that one season wear for me!) I really do love looking in my closet at things I have purchased in years past and still love them as much as I did when I tried them on!

So here are a few tips that help me reinvest my closet when things start to look a little drab:

1). Reorganize!Because I am type A, I love to organize. And reorganize. And then color coordinate! Whatever you like to do, do that in your closet. Maybe it’s moving things around to new spaces or hanging some hooks in your closet to display jewelry or items you love. Maybe it’s sorting and displaying your shoes per season. This really helps me! I found a small bookshelf (for free!) at a yard sale that I display my fall booties on and the inspiration just flows. Color coordinate your tops and bottoms. Organize by season for extra inspiration. Put them in rainbow order or your favorite colors going from favorite to least favorite. Since fall is rapidly approaching, put all your fall favorites in a certain section and move pieces around to create new looks.

2). Use social media for inspiration rather than comparison. One of my favorite bloggers I have followed for years is Audrey over at Putting Me Together (if you have never read her blog, check her out and thank me later). Her blog was the first one I started following when I was in high school (and no joke, my favorite thing to do in the evenings was watch Nanny 911 and eat ice cream and read her blog. Dork, right? At least I’ll have good fashion sense and some idea of how raise children well.) I love that she is a blogger who encourages you to rethink what you already have instead of being a blogger who just encourages you to spend more. And she is a blogger to look up to! I want to be a blogger who shows you what you can do with what you already have.

One of the biggest ways I use Instagram and Pinterest to help me is that when I look at an outfit I really love, I look at the bones of why I love it. Do I like the top? If so, what about it do I love and how can I connect that to my closet? If it is a striped top (which a lot of bloggers already post about), I don’t have to go out and get that exact top, because good grief. I already own at least 4 black or navy striped tops. Go with the basic general idea of what the outfit is. If it is a pretty colored top and skirt, pick out a solid color top in your closet that is the same idea of what you love for inspiration.

If you like the color scheme of an outfit, pick out the same colors of clothes you already own. I find a lot of color palates on Pinterest I love, and I go to my closet with those colors in mind and put items together using the color scheme.

Don’t be afraid to try different styles! I usually go for dressier outfits, but I like to try leisurewear and casual to mix my style up to feel fresh.

3). Try to think of versatility of what you already own. There are a bunch of basics that can be used in different ways. One of my favorites is a black swing dress. I paid about $10 for mine at Old Navy and there are so many ways I can wear it for different occasions so I don’t have to go out and buy a new dress. You can pair a black swing dress with Birkenstock and a flannel for a day trip to the mountains OR you can wear it with heels and a nice jacket for dinner out. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Or, you can wear it with a cardigan and booties for chilly Sunday morning to wear to church, like so:


And yeah, at the end of the day, I am a girl and I love to shop. I sometimes splurge on nice shoes because chasing preschoolers around a classroom all day requires comfortable shoes. But ask yourself, first do I need it, and then will I get the use out of them to make it worth the splurge? At the end of the day, I want to be relatable and realistic (because not everyone can afford to jet off to different countries wearing the newest and latest from Nordstrom!)

Let’s be good stewards of God’s resources!

If you have any tips, drop a comment!
Happy Sunday!

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