Making Time for Your Hobbies

Hi, friends! I haven’t blogged for a few weeks since I have been insanely busy. I mean like setting up my classroom, meetings, back to school night, fundraiser nights, youth group nights, and…yeah. You get the point. Which may seem kind of strange for me to be writing about this topic now, but I have actually been learning some little tricks to help me remain (somewhat) sane. My biggest hobby that is relaxing for me is reading. And in the past few weeks, it has been put on the back burner and I hate it. I’m not all that big into the whole self-care mantra (because I think we can focus a little too much on ourselves sometimes) , but I do know that you need some “me time” to feel on top of everything that seems crazy and chaotic in our busy lives (and I don’t even have children yet!)

1). Set aside time in your daily schedule for doing what you love. Whether it be baking, sewing, reading, playing with your kids, whatever it is, mentally (or physically) write it down in your planner or your to-do list for that day. I write everything down on my notepad for what I have to do that day and it really motivates me to finish everything on that list. I seriously get so busy sometimes that my husband has to write down reading time for me! I like to set aside some time at night to read a few chapters of my current book. This helps me fall asleep faster and I have found that reading right before I go to sleep helps my mind to fall asleep too!

2). Keep reminders of your hobby close to you. I keep a few books on my nightstand so that I stay excited about finishing a book and moving on to the next because every time I go to bed or wake up, I see my new books and can’t wait to read them. I also keep a book in my car for extra moments I have when I am running early (don’t be impressed, it doesn’t happen that often) or whenever I have a few extra moments of waiting.

3). Multitask! Sometimes we are so busy that when we have free time, we don’t know how to spend it. I have a reaalllly super sweet hubby who doesn’t mind that when we sit down for a football game, (because he watches Hallmark with me!) I have a book and sometimes read when we are watching TV together. Do your hobby while your dinner is in the oven or when the kiddos are doing homework and don’t need help at the moment.

And just remember, it is OK to take time for you!



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