October Book Recommendations

Hi, friends!

I got busy in September and didn’t read as much as I normally do, so I’m grouping it all in this blog post. I normally read about two books every week.

P.S. I linked all the books to Amazon here, but if you prefer, you can certainly shop them at Barnes & Noble, Mardel, Tattered Cover, or other booksellers.


The Space Between Words by Michele Phoenix is an incredibly moving, powerful book. The story line and characters are beautiful, the settings lovely, and by far a story that will seep down and stick with you far after the last page is flipped.


This is the newest release from Denise Hunter, called Blue Ridge Sunrise. Let me just tell you, anything by Denise Hunter is a perfect novel and I devour her books anytime they come out. This literally just came out last week. This is also on my Gift Guide for Her tab!


I absolutely loved Just Look Up! The story was very easy to get into and follow, and it was very touching. I’ve never read anything from Courtney Walsh before, but this certainly will not be the last book from her I read! I already have ordered her book Paper Hearts.


I’m just going to say this about You Don’t Know Me. I started it at 7pm. I finished it at 2am. In the same night. It’s that good.


I loved A Portrait of Emily Price! It has a beautiful story, lovely settings and descriptions, and made me want to just eat amazing Italian food all throughout. Read the back cover to know what I mean 😉


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