Gift Guides

It’s almost Christmas!!

I wanted these Gift Guides to be up early so that you can start shopping early to SAVE MONEY. I have this theory that when you shop early, you can save money AND get rid of the stress of shopping for presents the week before Christmas.

ONE TIP that I follow during the year is that when someone drops a hint about what they want or what they like (even at the beginning of the year or throughout the year), I start an Amazon shopping wish list so that when it gets closer to Christmas, I already know and remember what people want.

**This helps also because during the year when things go on sale, you can buy them and store them in a clear plastic tub in your basement or garage or somewhere out in the open and safe to help you collect things during the year.**

ANOTHER TIP is to buy some presents now for family members or friends who have birthdays coming up in the next 4-6 months because you can save a LOT of money by buying things now and giving them later because things don’t go on great sales in January.

Happy shopping!